Welcome to the Association of Niger Delta Medical Doctors

  Contact : +234-8036715656

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Why should I join ANDMD?

No matter where you are in your career, there are many reasons to join ANDMD. Here’s a sampling of just a few membership benefits:

  • Training Opportunities

ANDMD provides medical doctors and student-members training opportunities. That will equip them with the required skills, so as to empower them to provide qualitative health and care to the people of the region. The provision of highly qualified and skilled medical professionals to power the health care delivery system of the region is a key priority for the Association.

  • Awards/Fellowship

The ANDMD makes grants to doctor-members who are engaged in important and innovative research into the health problems of the people of the Niger Delta. Prospective sponsors should please contact ANDMD.

Fellowship will be awarded to highly deserving medical professionals, and other individuals who excel in the provision of qualitative health care in the Local Government Areas, and the States Governments of the Niger Delta.

  • Unlimited access to various articles, publications and the latest ANDMD journal; “The Niger Delta African Journal of Health and Environment”

  • Career and Employment advice
  • Access to forums/blogs where you can engage in discussions that are important/educative/enlightening/entertaining
  • International relations
  • Benevolent fund and lots more…