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Edo is an inland state in western Nigeria. Its capital is Benin City. It is bounded in the north and east by Kogi State, in the south by Delta State and in the west by Ondo State.The land now known as Edo state, with Benin City as it capital, has a long history of civilisation. Historians and researchers trace its existence to as far back as prehistoric times. As a well-organized unified community. Under a very formidable monarchial authority called Ogiso. With a verbal government machinery representing legislative, executive and judiciary, with some form of checks and balances more or democratic in form. With the people called Igodomigodo {Benins} {Edo} as it inhabitants.

English is the official language of the state. The major tribal languages spoken in the state are Igarra, Edo, Esan and Okpamheri. Edo State is home to several ethnicities, among them the Edo, Okpe, Esan, Afemai, Ora, Akoko-Edo, Igbanke, Emai and Ijaw. The 2014 Population Estimate of Edo state is 5 million.

Tourist attractions in Edo State include the Emotan Statue in Benin City, Ise Lake and River Niger beach in Agenebode, Etsako-East; Ambrose Alli Square, Ekpoma, River Niger beaches at Ilushi, BFFM building at Ewu, College of Agriculture and Aqua Culture Technology, Agenebode, Okpekpe with its hills and scenes and the Somorika hills in Akoko Edo, where a government-run tourist center at Ososo is set among spectacular scenery.

Local Government Areas

Edo State consists of eighteen (18) Local Government Areas. They are:

  1. Akoko-Edo
  2. Egor
  3. Esan Central
  4. Esan North-East
  5. Esan South-East
  6. Esan West
  7. Etsako Central
  8. Etsako East
  9. Etsako West
  10. Igueben
  11. Ikpoba-Okha
  12. Oredo
  13. Orhionmwon
  14. Ovia North-West
  15. Ovia North-East
  16. Ovia South-West
  17. Owan East
  18. Owan West
  19. Uhunmwonde