Welcome to the Association of Niger Delta Medical Doctors

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This Association, established in 2006 and registered in 2007, for the purpose of promoting excellent human and environmental health in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, is a non-governmental and apolitical organization (NGO).

ANDMD is founded with the realization that:

  • The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is the fundamental right of every human being and

  • The health and the well-being of people of the Niger Delta is fundamental for the attainment of lasting peace and security of this oilrich region of Nigeria, and this is dependent upon the fullest cooperation of all the stake-holders.


Consequently, the aims and objectives of ANDMD include:

  1. To work for the achievement of an effective disease control in the Niger Delta and promote both human and environmental health and well-being of the people of the region.

  2. To work in total collaboration with all stake holdersfor the attainment by all the peopleof the region of the highest possible level of health and substantial improvement of their life expectancy.

  3. To promote medical research, training and excellence in medical practice in the Niger Delta.

  4. To disseminate health-related information that will be of interest to clinicians, health planners and policy makers, via the publication of an international medical journal titled: “The Niger Delta African Journal of Health and Environment”, with an International Editorial Board. Research into prevalent diseases and publications of research findings may lead to them design and implementation of effective preventive and therapeutic strategies that will ensure rapid reduction of mortality rates, promotion of people’s well-being and improvement of the life expectancy of the people of the people of Niger Delta, Nigeria and Africa in general.

  5. Having exhaustively analyzed the situation of the Niger Delta, and the huge challenges confronting the nearly 40 million   people of the region, ANDMD has it as one of its key objectives to fully mobilized all the  Niger Delta Major Stakeholders, all friends of the region, all major companies doing business in the region, the private sector, donor organizations, and the international community to come to the aid of the region and actively participate in the execution of special intervention programs that will bring new meaning to the lives of the nearly 40 millions of the people of the region; the ultimate aim is to calm down the situation, which will allow both development and economic growth in a more secured environment; and effectively strengthen national unity.

  6. To engage in all other activities, programs and projects as are necessary for the attainment and furtherance of the above objectives.